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Reading Readiness

The moment when one realizes that there is a connection between letters and words and that the connection can lead to many hours of enjoyment. This discovery can be magical, especially for a young child. For children, reading does not come naturally but can be aided with the right tools and support from parents and teachers. Understanding a child’s reading readiness levels will be very helpful for ensuring that the child is prepared and willing to start reading.

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Teaching Toddlers to Read

Babies begin to learn the basic tenets of communication from the moment they are born. From a young age, they listen to every word we say, and they begin to develop their own language abilities. Reading is a natural extension of this process.

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Your Baby can Read Reviews

In 1997 American professor Dr. Robert C. Titzer began selling his Your Baby Can Read video programs. Over the next decade the program developed further to include DVDs and flash cards. In April of 2011 a complaint was filed with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) against the company selling the program for making false advertising claims. The company went out of business in July of 2012 due to the high cost of legal fees in dealing with the complaint.  The following are Your Baby Can Read reviews.

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How to Improve Reading Skills

The skill of reading, of recognizing the symbols that make up words and then understanding their meaning, is essential not only to manage in today’s world, but also to have any success in it. So for those seeking to better their lot in life, the first step is to discover how to improve reading skills.

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