A child's first words

My-First-Words-for-A-to-Z_1aWelcome to our new Kindle book series called, “My First Words for A to Z.” Each of these Kindle books is about helping your child learn new words. The main goal is to make learning new words fun. Each word is formatted with a mini story and fun illustration.

Children generally enter the reading readiness stage through their exposure to their environment, usually by listening to other people talk. This is a critical stage for the child because in order to learn how to read the written word, he/she must first learn how to understand the spoken word.  This is the basis of My First Words for A to Z.

This series is designed for the 3 to 5 year age group and needs an adult or older sibling to sound out the word, read each of the mini stories and share the fun illustration. Listening to the spoken word is the first step to Reading Readiness and needs to be a fun experience. There are two words for each letter in the alphabet.  Some are simple like Ball, Dog and Cat. Some are difficult like Alligator and Xylophone. Some will even be learning opportunities for parents, such as the word Xat.

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My First Words for A to Z-2

My First Words for A to Z, Volume 2

This is the second edition of our Kindle book series that has more fun words with Illustrations of more locally known items. This new volume 2 has two new items per letter with a total number of 52 new items.

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 Sample Kindle Book words, mini stories and fun illustrations,

Below is “my first words” YouTube channel, which is about words and mini stories by Sara. Sara is 12 years old and loves to read. If you like the video below then you will really love the Kindle Book as seen exclusively on Amazon. Don’t forget to check out our weekly newsletter as seen at Sample Newsletter and click to sign up on the left margin with the words JOIN HERE and photo of young children…